Changing Societies – labour markets for the future

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    Workplace Environment Foto: Lena Granefelt/

This is a conference about the future of labour markets, with high-profile participants from both Sweden and the Netherlands including  Hans de Boer from VNO-NCW, Britta Lejon, chairman of the Swedish union ST and president of the EPSU standing

The conference will take place at SER, The Hague, 19 May, 2015.

In the past 30 years the world has changed dramatically. The major trends we have seen are: Globalization, digitalization, and increased migration, a growing climate threat, changing family-relations, more equal position of women and men and a continuing aging of the population. They all have consequences for the business sector and for the labour market. 

Parallel to the more traditional economic sectors, new forms of production and consumption have forced the introduction of new work patterns. Internet makes it possible for consumers and producers to communicate directly, which is sometimes a threat to the traditional economy.

Despite some of these developments that have leveled the playing field between countries and people, the dual societies within societies are becoming more present, with a growing gap between highly- and poorly educated people, between rich and poor, between immigrants and non-immigrants. The position of women is still far from equal to men. The situation calls for innovative approaches. Even though governments are preparing for the challenges ahead, there are more measures that need to be taken.