Anna Carlgren Art Glass Exhibition

  • Anna Carlgren

    Anna Carlgren, Polyhedron, 2016 Foto: .

Dock Art Gallery in Rotterdam presents New Work by Anna Carlgren & Durk Valkema. The official opening will be on Sunday 1st May and the artists will be present at the opening.

Anna Carlgren makes non-technical instruments, which multiply, enlarge, reduce, absorb, and partly or fully deform the environment. She uses (and misuses) glass and its optical qualities  in order to create a visual play.

Anna is the President of The Glass Academy and head of its Commission for Knowledge Transfer, the curator of The Sybren Valkema Archive, and co-founder of The Free Glass foundation (Vrij Glas). Her recent work consists  of sculptures with trompe l’œil and optical phenomena as a vital component that are included in a number of museum collections worldwide.

Dock Art Gallery Rotterdam