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Swedish institute

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Sweden Abroad
Swedish diplomatic missions on the Internet

Invest in Sweden Agency

The Swedish Trade & Invest Council

Visit Sweden
Sweden's official website for tourist information

Additional Links

Bank of Sweden
The oldest central bank in the world (est. in 1668). It is responsible for Sweden's monetary policy and exchange rate policy

Board of Customs

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise represents approximately 46 000 large and small member companies in Sweden which are organized in 52 sector and employer associations

Dagens Nyheter
Swedish daily newspaper

Economic and Financial data for Sweden
Data presented on this website, including links to the International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board's data, will be updated as soon new statistics are available

Export Music Sweden
ExMS initiates, assists and facilitates the promotion and marketing of Swedish popular music world-wide

Federation of Swedish County Councils
The Federation of Swedish County Councils represents the governmental, professional and employer-related interests of its members: 18 county councils, two regions and one local authority.

Government of Sweden
Current Information on government policies and statistics from each ministry

Libris Websearch
Libris websearch is the collective name for several bibliographic services offered on the Internet. The most important is the Libris database, with more than three million titles representing the holdings of about 180 Swedish libraries

National Agency for Education
The main task of the agency is to oversee Swedish schools and nursery schools and to work actively to ensure that national objectives for childcare and the school system are achieved.

National Agency for Higher Education
A central authority for matters concerning institutions of higher education.

National Board of Trade
An independent governmental agency and the central administrative body in Sweden dealing with foreign trade and trade policy

Nobel Foundation
Information about the Nobel Prizes, the Nobel laureates and their discoveries, as well as information about  the donor, Alfred Nobel, and the Nobel Foundation.

National Institute of Economic Research
A research organization whose principal functions are to monitor and analyze economic developments, to prepare forecasts of the Swedish economy and to carry out associated research.

National Tax Board
Information about the Swedish tax system, elections, national registration, and work permits.

The Nordic Information Center for Media and Communication Research documents mediatrends and publishes comparative media statistics.

OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange
Information from the OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange with statistics and trading figures.

Radio Sweden
Radio Sweden broadcasts in 9 languages for the major immigrant groups in Sweden and to the world via short wave, satellite, local relays, and over the Internet.

Royal Court of Sweden
Information about the monarchy in Sweden, the Royal family and the Royal palaces.

Royal Library
The Royal Library is a central library authority with responsibility for co-ordinating the Swedish research libraries. It collects, describes, preserves, and makes available all Swedish printed materials and publications.

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
An independent, non-governmental organisation whose major goals are to promote research in mathematics and the natural sciences.

Scandinavian Design
A site dedicated to Scandinavian Design, which is seen internationally as a classic expression of simple and solid elegance.

Statistics Sweden
One of the oldest as well as of the most modern national statistical offices in the world. It provides current statistics from most sectors of Swedish society.

Stockholm Museums
A comprehensive guide to the museums in the Stockholm area (in Swedish).

Stockholm New
A magazine presenting contemporary Stockholm and Sweden to an international audience. Nature, design, fashion, architecture and music are all featured.

Svenska Dagbladet
Swedish daily newspaper.

Swedish Academy
The Academy was founded in 1786 with the aim of encouraging the development of Swedish language and literature.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is an independent organisation set up to promote trade between Sweden and the UK bilaterally

Swedish Council for Planning and Co-ordination of Research
The Council initiates and supports research of special importance to society.

Swedish Export Credit
EKN, the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board, is an agency of the Swedish government with an important purpose: Our mandate is to help Swedish companies become more competitive abroad. We do so by offering companies guarantees that amongst other things protect against the risk of credit loss abroad.

Swedish Federation of Trade
The Swedish Federation of Trade is the principal organization in Sweden for importers, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers.

Swedish Film Institute
The central organisation of Swedish Cinema with the task of supporting the production and the distribution of Swedish quality films.

Swedish Institute
The Swedish Institute is a public agency entrusted with disseminating knowledge about Sweden to the outside world and arranging exchanges with other countries in the fields of culture, education, research and other sectors of public life.

Swedish Music Festival
The official guide to 35 Swedish music festivals celebrated all over Sweden.

Swedish Music Information Center
Information and documentation centre for 20th century Swedish music, with information about composers and their music as well as copies of Swedish works in manuscript.

Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs
The council is responsible for implementing national cultural policy determined by government and parliament.

Swedish Newspaper Publishers' Association
The association is a trade and employers' organization for newspaper publishers and other companies in the media industry.

Swedish Public Television

Swedish Society of Crafts and Design
The world's oldest design society, functions as an opinionmaker and promoter of knowledge in the field of both industrial design and applied art.

Sweden Today

The Swedish Media Page
A comprehensive collection of links to Swedish media.