Learn Swedish

The Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Croatia receives inquieries about learning Swedish. Below you will find some useful informations about Swedish language courses.

The most recent information about the possibilities to study Swedish as a foreign language in Sweden can be found at the Learn Swedish part of the webpage Study in Sweden. The Embassy also receives questions about where Swedish is taught in Croatia. Please contact local Language schools about this or the Faculty of Philisophy Language School in Zagreb.

Uppsala International Summer Session, UISS, organizes summer courses taught in English and Swedish. The language courses are taught 20-28 hours/week and the courses about Swedish culture, history and society 12 hours/week.

SWEDEX is an international certificate in Swedish as a foreign language. It can be taken in Sweden or abroad and is an independent certificate one can take regardless of how one learnt Swedish. It consists of two different examinations at the level A2 and B1 on the Council of Europe level of attainment scales. At both levels all language skills are tested, with an emphasis on communication competence.

The SWEDEX language test can, from summer 2015, also be done in Zagreb, at the ABC-foreign language school (link is in Croatian).