Mobile Passport Station for Regular Passports

The Embassy in Washington DC offers a special consular service by using a mobile photo station that enables Swedish citizens to apply for regular passports at a number of Swedish Consulates in the U.S.

The number of applications is limited, however. Please contact your nearest Honorary Consulate in the list below to make an appointment and to obtain payment and location information.

Locations and dates for 2017:

January 24-26    Los Angeles - (The Swedish Church) Appointments are booked through the Consulate in San Francisco.
Februari        14-16 San Diego - fully booked. Waitlist closed.
March 7-9                  San Francisco - fully booked. Waitlist available.
March 21-23 Houston  - fully booked. Waitlist available.
April 4-6

Seattle - fully booked. Waitlist closed.

May 2-4 Fort Lauderdale  - fully booked. Waitlist available.
May 9-11 Chicago - fully booked. Waitlist available.
May 23-25    San Francisco - fully booked. Waitlist closed.
September 12-14 Fort Lauderdale - fully booked.
September 26-28

San Diego - fully booked. Waitlist closed.



San Francisco   

October 24-26 Seattle - fully booked. Waitlist available.
November 7-9


November 28-30 Fort Lauderdale