Floral designer Gunnar Kaj

Kaj has designed the Floral Art at the last thirteen Nobel Prize banquets in a row in the Stockholm City Hall. He has many other prestigious commissions in his portfolio.  In 2008 he had the prestigious commission to design the Swedish Christmas stamps! He has had several noted flower exhibitions among others at the Drottningholm Castle, home to the Swedish Royal family. He is a popular lecturer and teaches workshops and courses for artists.

Gunnar Kaj is trained as an illustrator and an arts teacher. Several years ago flowers and plants entered his life and changed it.

He has his own form of expression and distinct style when it comes to arranging flowers, plants, mosses, lichens, branches, fruits, cones etc. His book Låt det blomma! has been awarded "best in show" by the Swedish Måltidsakademien (the Swedish Culinary Academy).

Gunnar Kaj will do the Floral designs for the opening of Nordic Cool. He will also lecture about Floral Art at House of Sweden February 21 at 6:00 pm.

Phone: +46 (0)733 77 88 07 | +46 (0)8 789 89 82
Email: gunnar@kaj.se