Johan Theorin

Theorin works as both a novelist and a journalist. He writes mostly dark crime stories blended with Scandinavian folklore, mostly set on the island of Öland, where he spent much of his childhood. His three novels--Echoes from the Dead, The Darkest Room, and The Quarry--take place during three consecutive seasons on the island, beginning in autumn in Echoes from the Dead, as part of what Theorin envisions as a quartet in which the weather and landscape of the island affect the characters' stories.

Echoes from the Dead was voted Best First Mystery Novel by the authors and critics of the Swedish Crime Writers' Academy in 2008, and has been sold to twentyfive countries. His second novel, The Darkest Room, was voted the Best Swedish Crime Novel of 2008 and won the Glass Key award in 2009. The Darkest Room awarded the 2010 CWA International Dagger. "The Quarry", was published by Transworld Publishers in 2011.

His latest novel The Asylum will be published in English in March 2013.

Johan Theorin will be part of a Literature panel at the Kennedy Center's  Terrace Gallery, "Ice, Volvos and Murder" on March 3 at 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm. 

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