Foreign Minister Wallström to USA

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    Foreign Minister Margot Wallström Photo: Foto: Martina Huber/Regeringskansliet

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallström will visit the U.S. between March 20-24. The Minister will be visiting New York for meetings related to the United Nations and the Swedish membership in the Security Council. Meetings with the international coalition against ISIL/Daesh will bring Wallström to Washington D.C.

On March 22, Foreign Minister Wallström will attend a ministerial meeting in Washington D.C with the international coalition against ISIL/Daesh. U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, will host the meeting and the latest development in Syria and Iraq will be on the agenda, together with the needs for humanitarian support for stabilization.

- The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the development in Syria and Iraq and to exchange information about ISIL/Daesh, who poses a threat to international peace and security, says Foreign Minister Margot Wallström.

There are 65 nations in the international coalition that was formed to defeat ISIL/Daesh, together with three organizations. The latest meeting took place in July last year, also in Washington D.C.

During Wallström’s visit to D.C. she will also meet representatives from the new U.S. administration and congress, together with other actors.

- The history of broad Swedish-American relations will lay a foundation for the meetings and the opportunity to continue to develop the relations between our countries in the many areas where we share an interest, says Margot Wallström.

The development in Europe and the Middle East will be discussed, just like collaborations within the United Nations and the Security Council. The collaboration between the European Union and the United States will also be discussed, as it is crucial to be able to meet global challenges.

On March 23, Foreign Minister Wallström will participate in two meetings in the United Nations Security Council – one regarding Somalia and one concerning South Sudan. Both meetings are being led by the chairman of the month, Boris Johnson from Great Britain.
During the same day, the foreign minister will also attend a meeting about climate change and sustainable development in the United Nations General Assembly.

Wallström will also host an event regarding Syrian women and their engagement in political and economic decision, and meet with the new Assistant General Secretary Amina Mohammed.

The meetings at the United Nations Security Council March 23 will be live streamed on the UN:s live channel: