PUBLIC LECTURE: On Childhood and Creativity

Join us for a seminar on childhood and creativity as internationally acclaimed film and stage director Suzanne Osten and playwright and psychoanalyst Ann-Sofie Bárány discuss how to use art to gain new experiences and knowledge: Why do children need art? How does current society perceive children? How do children perceive society? How can we find new subjects for children? How can we find new ways to tell stories?

Suzanne Osten and Ann-Sofie Bárány have worked together since 2005 exploring unknown territory in children’s theater and in the world of children. For example, in Babydrama (2006) they created a play for babies only six months old to investigate how early an audience can be receptive to theatrical performances.

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When: January 22 between 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
(followed by a screening of “The Girl, the Mother and the Demons” by Suzanne Osten at 2 pm. Click here for more information about the screening)
Where: House of Sweden
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Free admission. Photo-ID required.

About Suzanne Osten and Ann-Sofie Bárány
Suzanne Osten is Sweden’s second most famous director after Ingmar Bergman, and is often compared to him. She is currently working on a newly discovered Bergman script:

For 35 years Suzanne Osten was artistic director for the groundbreaking company Unga Klara in Stockholm. Suzanne passionately believes in the idea of justice. Much of her work has focused on childhood or women, dealing with power perspectives such as child versus parents/adults, gender stereotypes and what power does to a human being. She is known as an iconic feminist and is part of the activist collective “Grupp 8”.

Osten has never been afraid to deal with serious subjects for children and about children, even subjects with which adults have difficulties. Within a theatrical or cinematic frame, she has pierced a hole in many a taboo. She has been censored by the Swedish Media Commission for her latest children’s film, “The Girl, the Mother and the Demons”, about a little girl growing up with a mentally disturbed mother. Osten made a great impact with this film, and brought about a raging debate in the media.

Ann-Sofie Bárány is a playwright and dramaturgist for children, youth and adults. Her plays have been performed in Swedish theaters such as Unga Klara, Göteborgs Stadsteater, Månteatern and Moomsteatern. Bárány has a background as a psychoanalyst and has worked with psychotherapy. She has been a lecturer, educator and keynote speaker at symposia, congresses and physiotherapy training as well as psychoanalysis training.  Bárány was a scientist for the department for dance and theater at Stockholm University where she investigated the impact of various psychoanalysis concepts on an audience.

This event is hosted with support by the Swedish Institute.