Breast Cancer Awareness Month at House of Sweden

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October, two events at House of Sweden highlight both scientific and artistic responses to cancer.

On October 12, artist and breast cancer survivor Anna U Davis will present a talk on “Road to Recovery,” a project based on her experiences while undergoing treatment for stage 2 multifocal invasive breast cancer at age 37. During that time, Anna U Davis kept a journal of black and white ink drawings capturing her thoughts and emotions in images. 

Each piece in “Road to Recovery” explores difficult topics that can arise for many people when faced with a life threatening disease, but there will be positive moments that can be found along the way. “Road to Recovery” has also attracted support from the arts community, receiving a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant last year to support its development.

On October 26, five leading Swedish universities will host a seminar on the current state of cancer research in Sweden and opportunities for international collaboration on cancer moonshot initiatives.  Participants will discuss how translational research, biobanks, and clinical research can contribute to breakthroughs in cancer treatment and management.

Researchers will also discuss what oncology will look like in the future, with further developments of “precision oncology,” and what unmet needs we can anticipate with current research initiatives.

When it comes to cancer, Sweden and the United States can achieve more by working together. Researchers from Umeå University, Uppsala University, Stockholm University, University of Gothenburg and Lund University will meet with potential scientific collaborators during the seminar.

Embassy of Sweden will also use social media to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Follow us on @SwedeninUSA

• October 12, 6-8 pm: Anna U Davis, Road to Recovery. View Anna’s intriguing art while listening to a presentation about her next project “Road to Recovery,” a project inspired by her own experiences battling breast cancer. Learn more about the event on our homepage or register here to attend free of charge on Eventbrite.

• October 26, 10:30-12:00 am: Contributions to Cancer Research Collaboration and Cancer Moonshot Initiatives. The seminar on cancer research is part of a daylong symposium on how academic research and innovation are addressing societal challenges. You can register to attend for part or all of the day, free of charge.  Learn more about the event on our homepage or register here to attend free of charge on Eventbrite.