Swedish America

It has been said that the number of "Swedes" living in the United States excedes the total population of Sweden. That is a result of the thousands of Swedish immigrants who have contributed so much to the development of the United States.

The Swedish-American communities are vibrant and are actively preserving their Swedish heritage. If you would like to find out more, please click on the links below:

Bishop Hill, Illinois
Lindsborg, Kansas – Little Sweden, USA
Rockford, Illinois
Wilmington, Delaware - New Sweden, USA

Genealogical Resources of Interest to Swedish Americans
Many Swedish-Americans are interested in finding their roots, tracing their ancestors. There are many websites which can be helpful in this endeavor. Below are just a few examples:

> Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
> The Swedish National Archives
>Swedish Migration Center
> Genline.com - Swedish Genealogy Online
> Swedish Parishes (in Swedish)
> Maps of Swedish towns
> Finding Your Swedish Ancestors at Ancestry.com