Embassy Staff

  • AmbassadorBjörnLyrvall

    Ambassador Björn Lyrvall Photo: Embassy of Sweden

The staff at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, D.C. includes the following persons:

Ambassador Björn Lyrvall

Ms Maria Lönnberg
Personal Assistant to the Ambassador
Phone: (202) 467-2611
Email: maria.lonnberg@gov.se

Ms Pia Anderson
Social Secretary to the Ambassador
Phone: (202) 467-2652
Email: pia.anderson@gov.se

Mr. Göran Lithell 
Deputy Chief of Mission
Phone: (202) 467-2612
Email: goran.lithell@gov.se

Ms Christina Hoffman
Assistant to the DCM
Phone: (202) 467-2613
Email: christina.hoffman@gov.se

Political Affairs

Ms Anna Hammarlund Blixt
Phone: (202) 467-2614
Email: anna.hammarlund-blixt@gov.se

Ms Ditte Egnell
Phone: (202) 467-2623
Email: ditte.egnell@gov.se

Dr. Joachim Bergström
Phone: (202) 467-2616
Email: joachim.bergstrom@gov.se

Mr. Johan Raeder
Defense Advisor
Phone: (202) 467-2617
Email: johan.raeder@gov.se 

Ms Åsa Kyrk Gere
Special Advisor Homeland Security Affairs 
Phone: (202) 467-2647
Email: asa.kyrk.gere@gov.se

Ms Ladan Moghaddas
First Secretary
Phone: (202) 467-2633
Email: ladan.moghaddas@gov.se

Intern, Political Affairs
Phone: (202) 467-2676

Intern, Homeland Security Affairs
Phone: (202) 467-2676

Trade and Economic Affairs

Mr. Andreas von Uexküll
Minister Counselor
Phone: (202) 467-2620
Email: andreas.von-uexkull@gov.se

Mr. Andreas Ershammar
Phone: (202) 467-2621
Email: andreas.ershammar@gov.se

Ms Ann-Kristin Lund
Phone:(202) 467-2624
Email: ann-kristin.lund@gov.se

Mr. Johan Rydberg
First Secretary
Phone: (202) 467-2650
Email: johan.rydberg@gov.se

Ms Eva Hunnius Ohlin
Environmental Technology Officer
Phone: (202) 467-2670
Email: eva.hunnius-ohlin@gov.se

Ms Anneli Nilsson
Phone: (202) 467-2622
Email: anneli.nilsson@gov.se

Ms Jenny Majidyar
Phone: (202) 467-2629
Email: jenny.majidyar@gov.se

Intern, Trade and Economic Affairs
Phone: (202) 467-2619

Office for Defense Industry Cooperation

Mr. Magnus Ingesson
Counselor, Defense Industry Cooperation
Phone: (202) 467- 2680

Mr. Nils Johansson
Senior Advisor, Defense Industry Cooperation
Phone: (202) 467-2682

Ms Liza Rameryd
Office Manager, Defense Industry Cooperation
Phone: (202) 467-2681

Public Diplomacy, Press & Cultural Affairs

Ms Monica Enqvist
Public Diplomacy, Press and Communications Counselor
Phone: (202) 467-2655
Email: monica.enqvist@gov.se

Ms Linda Zachrison
Cultural Counselor
Phone: (202) 467-2640
Email: linda.zachrison@gov.se

Ms Larilyn André
Press Officer
Phone: (202) 467-2644
Email: larilyn.andre@gov.se

Ms Britt-Marie Forslund
Cultural Officer
Phone: (202) 467-2642
Email: britt-marie.forslund@gov.se

Ms Linda Tocchini-Valentini 
Marketing & Communications Officer
Phone: (202) 467-2645
Email: linda.tocchini-valentini@gov.se 

Ms Jenny Mählqvist
Program & Event Officer
Phone: (202) 467-2643
Email: jenny.mahlqvist@gov.se

Intern, Public Diplomacy, Press & Cultural Affairs
Phone: (202) 467-2619

Consular and Administrative Affairs

Ms Maria Martignier
Counselor/Consul General
Phone: (202) 467-2630
Email: maria.martignier@gov.se

Ms Irené Skåhlberg
Phone: (202) 467-2639
Email: irene.skahlberg@gov.se

Ms Anna Theron
Archives/Passports and Consular Affairs 
Phone: (202) 467-2627
Email: anna.theron@gov.se

Ms Susanna Insulander
Phone: (202) 467-2628

Ms Zandra Bergstedt
Consular Affairs Officer
Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: zandra.bergstedt@gov.se

Ms Marie Whitman
Consular Affairs Officer
Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: ambassaden.washington@gov.se

Ms Charlotta Andersson
Phone: (202) 467-2646
Email: charlotta.andersson@gov.se

Ms Liza Rameryd
Protocol/Admin Assistant
Phone: (202) 467-2600

Mr. Rodrigo Cabezas
Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: ambassaden.washington@gov.se

Ms Victoria Ferguson
Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: ambassaden.washington@gov.se

Ms Lena Rapp Schmaltz

Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: ambassaden.washington@gov.se

Ms Pernilla Tietjen
Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: ambassaden.washington@gov.se

Mr. Lars Halvardsson
Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: ambassaden.washington@gov.se

Ms Johanna Bergenholtz 
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (202) 467-2653
Email: johanna.bergenholtz@gov.se

Ms Linda Strandlund
Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: ambassaden.washington@gov.se

Ms Mariliina von Uexkull
Phone: (202) 467-2600
Email: ambassaden.washington@gov.se

Ms Samantha Canfield
Administrative Officer
Phone: (202) 467-2656
Email: samantha.canfield@gov.se

Mr. Zigurs Liepins

Office Manager
Phone: (202) 467-2636

Mr. Nepthaly Pita
Phone: (202) 467-2637

Mr. Ronaldo Pita
Phone: (202) 467-2634

Defense Office

Major General Bengt Svensson 
Defense Attaché
Phone: (202) 467-2660
Email: bengt.a.svensson@gov.se

Ms Anita Lindbohm
Phone: (202) 467-2663
Email: anita.lindbohm@gov.se

Captain Magnus Lüning (N)
Naval Attaché and Assistant Defense Attaché
Phone: (202) 467-2664
Email: magnus.luning@mil.se

Colonel Bengt Alexandersson
Military Attaché and Assistant Defense Attaché
Phone: (202) 467-2662
Email: bengt.alexandersson@gov.se

Colonel Johan Svetoft
Air Attaché and Assistant Defense Attaché
Phone: (202) 467-2666
Email: johan.svetoft@gov.se

Mr. Peter Hällkvist
Counselor for Defense Procurement
Phone: (202) 467-2669
Email: peter.hallkvist@gov.se

Intern, Defense Office
Phone: (202) 467-2665

Office of Science and Innovation

Dr. Andreas Larsson
Science and Innovation Counselor
Phone: (202) 536-1586
Email: andreas.larsson@growthanalysis.se

Mr. Ola Göransson
Counselor, Energy and Environment
Phone: (202) 536-1585
Email: ola.goransson@growthanalysis.se 

Dr. Anna Ledin
Counselor, Life Sciences
Phone: (202) 536-1587
Email: Anna.ledin@growthanalysis.se

Intern, Office of Science and Innovation
Phone: (202) 536-1588