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    Schwedenhaus Wien Photo: Maria Ljung

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    Entrance Photo: Kerstin Schröder

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    Entertainment Floor Photo: Maria Ljung

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    Entertainment floor Photo: Maria Ljung

In May 2015 the Swedish Embassy/UN representation and the OSCE-delegation moved to new premises with extensive entertainment facilities, Schwedenhaus Wien. This represents a new and unique concept which could be a model for how Sweden will be represented abroad in the future. As the Embassy also represents Sweden in Slovakia and Slovenia, Schwedenhaus Wien has a regional as well as a multilateral (UN and OSCE) approach.

The so called Ringstraßen-Palais in Liechtensteinstraße was acquired by the Swedish Government in 1928 and used to be the ambassador’s residence. For two years it was renovated in a thorough and environmentally friendly way. The entertainment floor was refurbished but retained its looks from 1878. The rest of the building houses modern offices using also the formerly empty attic and basement.

In this way a modern workplace was created while retaining the historic part for representation, using the full potential of the building.

We wish to establish Schwedenhaus as an exciting meeting place and as a regional and multicultural hub.

Energy efficiency and environmental awareness are essential aspects of the new concept. Geothermal heating has been installed and solar panels have been mounted providing an inspiration for our guests.

Schwedenhaus Wien increases our visibility. The attractive setting combined with modern equipment creates new possibilities for all kinds of events and also interests Sweden-related organizations and Swedish companies.