The Embassy and Slovakia

The Consulate General of Sweden is the official representation of Sweden in Slovakia. Mr Vladimír Kestler is the Honorary Consul General of Sweden since 2010. Mr Peter Zupka is the assistant to the consul. The Consulate is engaged in a variety of activities to promote Sweden in the country.

The consular service to the Swedish community is another important part of the Consulate's duties. The Consulate provides basic consular service to Swedish citizens; however, the Embassy of Sweden in Vienna has the main responsibility for consular services. For opening hours and contact details see links.

Here is what the Consulate can help you with:

• handing out Swedish passports, national ID-cards and Swedish driving licences issued by Swedish Police, the Embassy in Vienna or other Swedish Mission abroad. (please note the handing out fee)
• provide forms for renewal of Swedish driving licences, only for persons registered in Sweden.
• forward and certify copies of original documents to the Embassy in Vienna regarding Marriage license and Registration of a child’s name in order to obtain a Swedish ID-number.
• certify Life certificates.
• provide advice on how to resolve your situation if you are involved in an emergency situation abroad.
• help and guide you in contacts with local authorities in the country.
• if you are arrested by Police and are imprisoned, the Consulate can visit you in prison and assist in contacting your close relatives.

Here is what the Consulate cannot do:

• the Consulate does not have any banking, interpreter or translation service.
• the Consulate does not provide general tourist information or arrange housing or accommodations abroad.
• the Consulate does not pay debts, guarantees, fines or lawyer costs.
• the Consulate does not pay for transport home of a coffin/urn in the event of a death abroad.
• the Consulate cannot influence entry and exit provisions of other countries if you are denied entry or exit.
• the Consulate cannot interfere in the legal proceedings of other countries.
• if you are arrested by police or are imprisoned abroad, the law of that country always applies. The Consulate cannot arrange for special treatment for you on account of your being Swedish.