Funding for external projects

The Swedish embassy in Vienna is on regular basis working with projects which promote Swedish culture and the perception of Sweden in Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia. The available resources are mainly used for projects initiated by the embassy. However, even external partners can be granted financial support from the Embassy.

An application form for organizations/individuals interested in applying for financial contribution to  projects  within the area of culture and society, is available for download on the right hand side.

The application shall be submitted to the following E-mail address:  

The embassy supports projects which aim to increase the knowledge of and interest in Sweden in Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia. A project description with target/motivation, target-group, schedule, other cooperation partner as well as a budget shall be included in the application.

The application shall be submitted well in advance. The evaluation process for the received application is approximately 2 months.

The applied amount must be reasonable and correspond to the aims of the project.

The decision made by the Swedish embassy is final and the applicant cannot appeal against it.