Sweden has been elected to the UN Security Council

  • UN Yutaka Nagata

    UN Photo: Yutaka Nagata

On Tuesday Sweden was convincingly elected to the United Nations Security Council. This is a great victory for Swedish foreign policy and Swedish diplomacy.

During our two-year term, we will take our share of responsibility for international peace and security that membership of the Security Council entails. On 1 January 2017, when we take our seat at the table that has become a symbol of world affairs, we will do so as President, at the same time as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations takes office.

Sweden’s candidacy was based on issues and on a belief in dialogue and diplomacy as tools. Deeper contacts with many countries around the world have given us a better understanding of how today’s challenges are perceived and experienced, but also a basis for advancing our vision of democracy and human rights, gender equality and development. This is also how Sweden will work as a member: we will listen to those concerned, defend those who need to be defended and stand up for those we believe in.