Application Fees for Residence/ Work Permits and Entry Visas

Application fees have to be paid in cash, Japanese yen. Credit cards and other forms of payment are not accepted. Application fee is paid for processing of an application, and it is non-refundable in case of refusal. As of April 2016 the following fees apply.

Residence permit for Studies/ the family of the applicant:
Children (under 18):

12 000 JPY
  6 000 JPY

Work permit:
If application is not an extension of a
permit in the same occupation or with
the same employer:
Extension of work permit in the same
occupation of with the same employer:
Permit for e.g. Visiting Researcher, international
exchange (au pair, athlete, internships)
and student permits:
Permit on the basis of family
connection to resident in Sweden:
Children (under 18):

Fees for Visas:
Entry Visa (Schengen Visa)
Entry Visa for children (6-12 years)
Entry Visa for Russian citizens etc.*

24 000 JPY

12 000 JPY

12 000 JPY

18 100 JPY
  9 000 JPY

  6 900 JPY
  4 000 JPY  
  4 000 JPY
The following categories of persons are exempted from paying an application fee:
  • Residence/work permit for persons with close family links (husband, wife, sambo, children) to a person who has been granted a residence due to humanitarian reasons, refugee status or need for protection.
  • Residence/work permit for students at the World Maritime University in Malmö
  • Residence/work permit for students who have received scholarships for studies in Sweden from Sida (Swedish International Development Agency)
 * For citizens of Albania, Bosnia, Cape Verde, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine, a fee of 4 000 JPY (35 EUR) instead of 6 900 JPY (60 EUR) is charged for visa applications for entry and stay in Sweden.