Legalization, certificate and translation

The Embassy assists with notarial matters concerning Swedish citizens or documents to be used on in Sweden or before a Swedish authority.

Legalization and apostille
Both Sweden and Japan have acceded to the 1961 Hague Convention about abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents. The Convention replaces the legalization with a certificate, a so-called apostille, issued by a competent authority in the State where the document is issued.

In Sweden it is only a notary public who is authorized to issue an apostille, and in Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. See links at right for more information.

The Embassy can assist with life certificate, certificates of true copy and certificate of signatures.

For life certificate and certificate of signatures personal visits to the Embassy is required, ​​while some certificates can be submitted by mail. Contact the embassy by e-mail about certificate by mail.

Embassy opening hours can be found here

The Embassy makes no translations. In Japan, there are no official translators why the Embassy refers to Kammarkollegiet for official translations, see link to the right.

For translations of Swedish driving license, please refer to the Japan Automobile Federation