Sweden - Japan 150 years

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In the year 2018, Sweden and Japan will celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations. This anniversary year will be celebrated through a range of activities both in Sweden and Japan. It is an opportunity to draw attention to existing Swedish-Japanese cooperation and to inspire new and strengthened partnerships in different areas.

The planning for the anniversary year has started on both the Swedish and the Japanese side, primarily through the two respective Embassies in Tokyo and Stockholm. An official joint logotype has been launched.

The logotype will be used in both countries for events related to the 150th anniversary. The official logotype is designed using the colors of the Japanese and Swedish national flags as warp and weft, symbolizing the ties of friendship that the two countries have woven over the past 150 years.

The logotype is available for use by organizations and other groups planning activities related to the anniversary year, after approval by the respective Embassy. The logotype may not be used without written permission. To apply for permission to use the logotype, please read here.