Swedish puppet master Michael Meschke to have exhibition at Swedish embassy

  • Michael Meschke Foto Michael A Kersten

    Mescke Photo: Michael A Kersten

Internationally acclaimed Swedish puppet master Michael Meschke’s exhibition “Puppet masters – Great drama interpreted by three artists” will be set up at the Swedish embassy in Tokyo between 28 March – 6 April.

The cultural exchange between Japan and Sweden, as well as the entire West, takes many forms, sometimes in unexpected areas.  A female portrait of Hokusai becomes the face of a puppet in Stockholm, or the brilliant Japanese bunraku tradition by Minosuke Yoshida, Living National Treasure, is transferred to a Swedish puppet and used in order to do justice to such a powerful, moving drama as Sophocles' Greek tragedy Antigone and so on. The creator of the first Swedish puppet theatre, Marionette, Michael Meschke, demonstrates this cultural exchange in the form of own figures, photo portraits (Michael A. Kersten) and video art, (Helene Berg).

Period: 28 March – 6 April 2014 9:00-12:30, 13:30-17:30 (Saturdays 10:00-17:00)
Venue: Bergman Hall, Embassy of Sweden
No entrance fee