Treasures of the Forest: Opening High-Level Seminar (by invitation-only)

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Seminar focusing on the wide-ranging wealth of the forest. Exploring our relationship with the forest and the role of the forest in the modern economy.

The High-level Seminar will consist of interventions and panel discussions highlighting the essential role of the forest in a modern economy and showcasing the multitude of ways we benefit from the forest – sustainable solutions, bioenergy, new materials and the unlimited possibilities to build tall and large buildings in wood thanks to new technologies. Speakers will also discuss the importance of attracting young people to the forestry sector.  

The speakers include: 

  • Mr Sven-Erik Bucht, The Swedish Minister of Rural Affairs
  • Mr Satoshi Imai, the Director-General of the Forestry Agency of Japan
  • Mr Staffan Norin, acting Director-General of the Forest Agency of Sweden
  • Mr Shinjiro Koizumi, Member of the House of Representative
  • Ms Junko Iizuka from Tokyo Chainsaws
  • Mr Koichiro Nakashima, President, Meiken Lamwood Corp
  • Mr Taisuke Shimada, Vice-President, Zen Moku
  • Professor Mikio Koshihara from Team Timberize/University of Tokyo

For details, please see the attached program.

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