EXHIBIT: DUKA – Simple Dining in Scandinavian Style

  • Duka

    Duka flyer Photo: And Fika/Sweden Style

Exhibition of Japanese traditional tableware designed by Scandinavian designers

Exhibition Period: 11-24 March, 2015 10.00-17.30 (except for  lunch break 12.30-13.30)Venue: Bergman Exhibition Hall, Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo
Organizer: Andfika Co., Ltd,  Swedenstyle

Andfka K.K. (Tokyo, Japan) and Swedenstyle (Stockholm, Sweden) will jointly hold the exhibition  ”DUKA – Simple Dining in Scandinavian Style” at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo from the 11th to the 24th of March, 2015. This is the second cultural exchange event of our project called “Scandinavian Pattern Collection”, which has launched in February 2014.

Since the traditional Japanese cuisine has registered to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, Japanese food culture has been drawing attention widely from abroad. For the people in Scandinavia who are living in the land surrounded by the sea and familiar with the fresh seafood, the Japanese food such as sushi and tempura is very popular. At the same time the variety of Japanese traditional designs of tableware, especially the shapes and materials, has been attracting the Scandinavian designers together with the aesthetic charm of Japanese food. Considering these facts, in this exhibition we focus on the most basic and common tableware items originated from the Japanese dietary culture - rice bowls, small plates, and chopsticks rests. The designers of Scandinavian Pattern Collection designed these items, and coordinated with place mats, through their own interpretations. The title of the exhibition ”DUKA” is a Swedish word means “table setting”. People in Scandinavia love to invite friends home and enjoy FIKA or having meals together. They arrange simple tableware and combine different items such as place mats and napkins to create a nice and
cozy atmosphere. This “DUKA” is always casual and with no complexity.     

One of the highlights of this exhibition is the unique suggestions from the designers, who show the Scandinavian way to enjoy the daily life. Apart from the traditions, they interpret the Japanese tableware respectively in their own way and show us with the photos of the nicely arranged items. The ordinary Japanese tableware looks differently, so it gives us totally new impression. “Scandinavian Pattern Collection” project is consist of 26 Scandinavian designers, and its concept is “Designer’s mind lays behind its design, people’s life lays over the design”. The items used for this exhibition are rice bowls, small plates, and chopstick rests of traditional Hasami-yaki porcelains produced in Nagasaki Prefecture, which are widely used in Japanese households. These products will be sold in two lines – 20 designs for casual line of “Färger”, and 8 designs for premium line of “Svart & Vitt”

This time as the special feature, the illustrations themed of food by Stina Wirsén, who is the most popular illustrator in Sweden, will be exhibited. During the exhibition, Ms. Yuka Yamamoto, the representative of Swedenstyle, and some of the participating designers will also visit.

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