Application to the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo for Nominal Support

Any organization or body planning a project or event with a definite connection to Sweden in Japan can seek the nominal support of the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo. Please read the following and send an application by e-mail with the required documents. NOTE: Koen doesn’t mean financial or any other type of support.

1. Period for Application
Please send the application no later than one month in principle, prior to the date on which you wish to receive our nominal support. Last-minute applications or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

2. Required Documents
-       Applicants for nominal support should prepare an application form in the prescribed format (A4 size, in Word) both in English and Japanese.

-       Please find the “Application form for Nominal Support” on the right side of this page and send it to the Information and promotion section at the Embassy of Sweden by e-mail .
E-mail subject: Nominal Support Application+Date+Name of your project

-       If you have information materials such as a pamphlet on the content of your project that you cannot attach in an e-mail, you may send them by post. (See the below post address). NOTE: We ask you not to attach very large document per e-mail.

-       Please note that the submission of other documents may be required depending on the project if deemed necessary.

-       When the Embassy has reviewed your application and reached a decision, you will receive a written permission by post. So, please be sure to fill in your postal address and name on your application.

3. How to display Nominal Support  
You can write only letters スウェーデン大使館 in Japanese or “Embassy of Sweden” in English. Our logo is not allowed to use.

4. Cases in which Nominal Support Will Not Be Granted
-       A project offensive to public order

-       In case illegal use of our nominal support or a false application has been found in the past.

5. Announcement of the project/event on SNS
The Embassy of Sweden may choose to publish information about your project. Please contact the Information and Promotion Section at the Embassy if you would NOT like us to put information of your project on our SNS (Facebook and/or Twitter). At the moment, we don’t have an event calendar on our website for external projects or events.

6. Address for Filing Applications and Enquiries
Documents to be sent to:
Information and Promotion Section, Embassy of Sweden, 1-10-3-100 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
*Please write “Application for Nominal Support” on envelope.

For enquiries:
Information and Promotion Section, Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo
tel 03-5562-5060 (Open 10:00-12:00), fax 03-5562-0977