Trade with Sweden

If you are interested in doing business with Sweden and/or Swedish companies you are welcome to contact the Commercial Office at the Embassy. Or you may want to talk to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The Swedish Trade & Invest Council (Business Sweden)

Business Sweden offers professional services in all phases of a company's internationalization. From strategic advice to establishment support on a new market.

Business Sweden has been active in Japan since 1972. Throughout the years we have established a far-reaching network of contacts with specialized market knowledge, which facilitates expansion of Swedish companies and attracts Japanese investments in Sweden.

Today 1500 Swedish companies are trading with Japan, which of 150 are established in the Japanese market. In 2014 Swedish businesses exported SEK 14 billion, making Japan the second largest export market for Sweden in Asia, after China.

Contact us and we can tell you more about Japan and how Business Sweden can support you with counselling, market analysis, events, contacts or anything else that can help you reach success in the Japanese market.

Business Sweden in Tokyo
Tel: +81 (0)3 5562 5000

Cecilia Leiram, Trade Commissioner

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The SCCJ is the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, whose establishment was formally approved by the Japanese Ministry of Industry and Trade in March, 1992; its inaugural ceremony was held in September of 1992. The main purpose of the SCCJ is to promote the development of commerce between Japan and Sweden.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (SCCJ) promotes Sweden-related business in Japan by supporting the Swedish business community and creating a more favorable market environment for its Swedish, Japanese, and other member companies.

In line with this, SCCJ works for its members through a variety of regular activities planned by its committees, often together with the Embassy of Sweden and other Sweden-related institutions.

The SCCJ aims to increase the understanding of its members about Sweden-Japan business and relevant market practices in Japan. SCCJ strongly advocates the strength of Sweden industry, technology and management culture.

The SCCJ aims to strengthen the existing network among all its members for the exchange of information and other mutual benefits.

The SCCJ supports the continued deregulation and harmonization of the Japanese market through its participation in the European Business Community in Japan as well as through other relevant channels.