Office of Science and Innovation – Growth Analysis

The task of the Office of Science and Innovation, Embassy of Sweden is to facilitate cooperation in research and innovation and other exchanges of knowledge between Sweden and Japan, and to monitor, analyze and report to Sweden on important trends in research, innovation and growth in Japan. We also, together with other Swedish Science and Innovation offices abroad, provide coverage of other Asian regions, as well.

The Office of Science and Innovation, was established in 1966, first as a part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences - IVA. Since then the home organization in Sweden has changed on several occasions. Today the Science and Innovation Offices worldwide are part of Growth Analysis - the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis.

Growth Analysis is a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. Growth Analysis has a governmental assignment to work on policy assessments and analysis. One of the main tasks is foreign based policy coverage for Sweden’s competiveness and growth. The focus is upon a development where growth and sustainable development goes hand in hand. The headquarters of Growth Analysis is in Östersund, Sweden, with branch offices in Stockholm, New Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo and Washington. In late 2010 a new office will be open in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

We cooperate also with other governmental agencies, such as VINNOVA, the Swedish Agency for Regional and Economical Growth (former name NUTEK) and the Swedish Energy Agency to mention a few, as well as with the Japanese and regional corresponding counterparts.
Current programs cover the following areas:
• Technical Development, including Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
• Life Sciences
•  Sustainable Development
• Overall Development of Japanese Research and Innovation System

Link to the Swedish site, where reports are posted.