Facilities in the Embassy building

The Bergman Exhibition Hall: Located at the ground floor directly by the main entrance of the Embassy building. The venue is 138m2 and has easy access to both kitchen and bathrooms. The Bergman Exhibition Hall has a maximum capacity of 200 people.

The Alfred Nobel Auditorium: Directly accessible from the Bergman Exhibition Hall. The room has 96 seats in the style of an amphitheatre. The venue has access to a basic sound and projection system, a simultaneous interpretation system and bathrooms.

Days and hours available for facility renting: Weekdays 9.00-21.00. With the exception of the days when the Embassy is closed or when the Embassy has its own activities in the facilities.

Procedure of booking: Booking requests are accepted up to 6 months prior to the requested date of the event. Conditions and price list available upon request.  

Please contact the Embassy’s contact person Mr. Fumio Sasaki for further information.
Tel: +81-3-5562-5058
Email: ambassaden.tokyo-info@gov.se.

For questions regarding the Club Room at the B1-level, please contact the Swedish Property Board, attention Mr. Lars Brandberg.
Email: lars.brandberg@sfv.se