Embassy Staff

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    Ambassador Magnus Robach Photo: .

Magnus Robach
Phone: Social Secretary: 03-5562-5068

Victoria Forslund Bellass
Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission
Communication and Promotion
Phone: 03-5562-5061

Sven Akira Östberg

Political Affairs
Phone: 03-5562-5072

Johan Bergkvist

First Secretary
Administration and Consular Affairs
Phone: 03-5562-5064

Johannes Andreasson

First Secretary
Trade/Economic and Environment/Agricultural Affairs
Phone: 03-5562-5067

Margareta Wrang
Third Secretary
Administration, Consular and Migration
Phone: 03-5562-5073

Michael Jacob
Counsellor, Office of Science and Innovation
Phone: 03-5562-5066

Lieutenant Colonel Johan Larsson
Defence attaché
Phone: 03-5562-5096

Local Staff

Kazumi Appleyard
Officer, Political and economic section
Phone: 03-5562-5095

Adam Beije
Press and Information Officer
Phone: 03-5562-5097
Nagame Hayami
Assistant, Communication and Promotion Section
Phone: 03-5562-5062

Hiromi Johansson
Assistant, Communication and Promotion Section
Tourism project coordinator
Phone: 03-5562-5094

Yuri Kishimoto
Consular assistant
Phone: 03-5562-5050

Kukiko Miyahara
Senior project coordinator, , Communication and Promotion Section
Phone: 03-5562-5076

Takuya Nakagawa
Assistant, Communication and Promotion Section
Phone: 03-5562-5059

Aya Naruse
Social secretary
Phone: 03-5562-5068

Dominador Natividad
Phone: 03-5562-5054

Noriko Ogawa
Officer, Office of Science and Innovation
Phone: 03-5562-5075

Yasuo Onoda
Officer, Consular and migration matters
Phone: 03-5562-5050

Fumio Sasaki
Section for information and promotion
Administrative section
Phone: 03-5562-5058

Elanor Sezer
Assistant, Communication and Promotion Section
Tel: 03-5562-5080

Hiroshi Ueda
Security guard
Phone: 03-5562-5053

Nobuaki Yamazaki
Officer, Administration and accounts
Phone: 03-5562-5056


E-mail addresses, please compose by this rule:

Information section: ambassaden.tokyo-info@gov.se
Embassy: ambassaden.tokyo@gov.se