International Training Programmes

International Training Programmes (ITP) is one of several methods used by Sida for capacity development. A Training Programme is either Regional or Global. A Regional Training Programme invites a selection of countries from a certain region and a Global Training Programme invites a selection of countries from all regions. A selected number of countries are invited to nominate candidates to each programme. The list usually includes between 10–50 countries and changes from year to year and programme to programme. International Training Programmes in Sweden are normally executed during two periods of the year, from February to June and from August to November. The Programme Catalogue is available end of September or the beginning of October each year.

ITP administration

The Programme Organisers are responsible for distributing the brochures and applications according to the selection of countries invited to nominate candidates. This is typically done 4–6 months before the start of the programme in Sweden. Upon receiving the brochure and the applications from the Programme Organisers, the Embassy distributes the brochures and application forms to individuals, projects and receivers who would benefit from information about the programme.

In most cases applicants should submit their applications to the Embassy. The ITP Administrator in the Embassy processes the applications and forwards them to the respective Programme Organiser in Sweden. The selection process is carried out by the Programme Organisers not the Embassy. The number of applications received to a training programme vary from 30–40 and up to several hundreds of applications. Programme Organisers first divide applications into two groups; those that are eligible for selection and those that are not. The selection criteria include age, gender, professional background, English language capability, field of work and strategic position for change into account. Possible project work/proposal, if applicable, is also graded. After the selection by the Programme Organiser the list of selected candidates is submitted to ITP/Sida for approval.