International Training Programme- application open until 1st of February 2018.

  • ITP- Developing Strategies for National CHemicals Management

    ITP- Developing Strategies for National CHemicals Management Photo: SIDA

The International Training Programme  “Developing Strategies for National Chemicals Management” –financed by Sida and offered by The Swedish Chemicals Agency is now open for application until he 1st of February 2018 .

The focus of the programme is to give an overall perspective of chemicals management, including the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of organising roles and responsibilities through legislation. Key elements of preventive chemicals management are covered: legislation, enforcement and awareness raising data on current situation and trends in the production and use of chemicals, classification and labelling of chemicals, exposure assessment, risk assessment and methods for risk reduction.

WHERE: change projects throughout the programme. The training in Sweden will be held at the Swedish Chemicals Agency in Stockholm, Sweden. The regional seminar will be held in one of the participating countries. The location will be decided during the training in Sweden.

WHEN: 9 – 27 April 2018. The regional seminar will be held 19 – 23 November 2018. 

DURATION: The total duration of the programme (phases 1–4) is approximately nine months of which four weeks are scheduled sessions.

In the attached documents, you will find additional information regarding the programme and guidelines for what to include in your application.