How can Strategic Communication help us reach our goals?

  • Jenny giving presentation

    Jenny Nordman, Political Officer Photo: Katja Holböll

“Good communication is when the right information is given. What makes communication excellent is when it touches you, and you want to make a difference”, says Jenny Nordman from the Swedish Embassy.

We invited our partners for a workshop in Strategic Communication and for sharing successful experiences. David Hulth Wallgren and David Isaksson were invited from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency to talk about how to make a strategic plan for communication and how to give clearer messages to the audience.
            “We don´t meet our own partners very often, and when we do, we are always in a hurry. It´s been great to share successful experiences about events where Sweden as a donor brings us together. We often forget that we can use these examples and successes as an inspiration of how to carry out our messages in a more comprehensible way. This workshop has given me new inspiration and will help our organisation to streamline the communication-work”, says Ines Leskaj from AWEN.

Some exercises were carried out where the partners practiced on providing clearer messages in front of a camera. “When you call your grandmother at 2 am in the middle of the night to explain a project on the phone, and she gets it, that´s when you know that you´ve given a clear message,” says Mirian Bllaci from Culture Heritage without Borders, to summarise what strategic communication is.