Off-campus Exams at the Embassy

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Embassy of Sweden in The Hague allows students enrolled at Swedish universities to take off-campus exams. The Embassy can only provide this service if it is a written exam, therefore the student will not have access to a computer.

Available hours:
Monday to Friday: 09.00-14.00 (only by appointment)

Rules that apply:

  • You have to ask your Course Coordinator to contact the Embassy via e-mail regarding what rules that applies to that particular exam.
  • The University/Course coordinator has to send the exam to the Embassy in advance, also via e-mail.
  • You must be able to show a valid passport or photo ID.
  • No bags, jackets, cellphones etc. are allowed during the exam.
  • We will not be able to provide supervision during the examination, but the student will be able to sit in private.

After the examination we will send the exam by regular mail to the university in Sweden. The Embassy will save a copy of the exam until we know that the university has received it.