Exhibition "Swedish Fashion Stories"

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    Swedish Fashion Stories Photo: Swedish Institute

The exhibition "Swedish Fashion Stories" aims to give you a glimpse of the Swedish fashion scene and how artistic practice, craft and social engagement have made a lasting impact on Swedish fashion design over the past 15 years. It showcases a selection of pioneering designers who initiated these stories of art, craftsmanship and social awareness – and the younger generation of designers who are carrying them forward.

"Swedish Fashion Stories" focuses on the development within the field of fashion. Since the turn of the millennium, the Swedish fashion world has changed significantly. At first, the noughties were characterised by luxury consumption and digital phenomena, but this was followed by the opposite: crafts and social activism. A number of factors, from the internet to climate change, brought about a change in the system. As the old order tottered, more and more designers dared take liberties, both political and artistic. 


"Swedish Fashion Stories" 16 February - 12 March 2017
The exhibition is on display at the Pelican Studio 1st floor (accessible by stairs) during the opening hours of the Pelican Studio (Raadhuisstraat 35, Amsterdam) from February 16th to March 12th 2017.


This exhibition is produced by the Swedish Institute.