Swedish-Dutch Conferences

The Swedish Embassy in The Hague, together with a Dutch partner, organises Swedish-Dutch conferences on various topics of interest.

2015 - Changing Societies - Labour markets for the future

This conference will focus on the future of the labour market and what challenges face both the Dutch and the Swedish labour markets.

Changing Societies

2014 - Women Leadership Conference
The theme of this years conference is Inspire to grow and the focus of the conference will be on  how to grow and giving inspiration to grow.
Women Leadership Conference

2013 - Women's Entrepreneurship
Are the conditions for entrepreneurship different in the Netherlands and Sweden? A number of inspiring female enterpreneurs from Sweden and The Netherlands give their view on enterpreneurship.
Women's Entrepreneurship

2010 - Trafficking in human beings and Prostitution
The third Swedish-Dutch Conference on Gender Equality focused on Trafficking in Human Beings and Prostitution.
 Trafficking in Human Beings and Prostitution

2009 - Women in War Zones
The conference 'Women in War Zones' focused on the role of women in conflict and post-conflict areas. This conference was the second in a series of three on Gender Equality issues. Find out more about this conference:
Women in War Zones

2008 - Gender Equality and Labour Participation
In 2008, a conference was held on the topic 'Gender Equality and Labour Participation'. Find out more about this conference:
Gender Equality and Labour Participation