Micael Hermansson: ‘Grej’ Of The Day (GOTD)’

One of the speakers in this year’s TEDxBinnenhof will be the Swedish teacher Micael Hermansson from the northern town Umeå.  He has facilitated the biggest digital educational community and has also been elected as Best Teacher of the year in 2015.

The TEDxBinnenhof 2016 event will have an EU focus due to the Dutch presidency of the European Council in the first half of 2016. The theme is called “Ideas from Europe” and twelve European innovators will present their ideas.

From Sweden Micael Hermansson will attend and speak about his developed concept with micro lessons, that aims to make knowledge cool. Micael calls it “Grej of the day” and it is micro-lessons designed to kick start each day with a knowledge injection, in only eight minutes. More than 20 000 teachers use his concept.

Micael talks about his micro-lessons as short, inspiring and fun.
‘Grej’ Of The Day’

TEDxBinnenhof is organized with the mission of spreading ideas, specifically innovative solutions to social and environmental issues. The TEDx speakers are usually social innovators, educators, scientists, engineers or doctors and the speakers have one thing in common; passion in their field of expertise.

The TEDxBinnenhof takes place on 31 March in The Hague and you can watch the livestream at 13.30.
TEDxBinnenhof 2016 live