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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands mission is to provide a business network platform for the advancement of Swedish and Dutch business and for their members. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce promote the trade relations between Sweden and the Netherlands and delivers a unique network based on the combination of Swedish and Dutch cultures. We help you to build your Dutch Swedish business network in the Netherlands.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands builds on Innovation and Sustainability and aims to inspire and promote the exchange of business ideas and business opportunities. The Chamber facilitates more than 30 events per year ranging from Branch Seminars, Business Forums, CEO Luncheons, Workshops and trainings, Company Presentations, Conferences with the aim to learn from best practices from both countries or to compare and learn from the way we handle different society aspects and Study visits to social events (such as the very appreciated Lucia Dinner and the Crayfish Party!)

The Swedish Chamber is an independent business organization founded in 1960. Today the Chamber has approximately 150 Member companies, representing not only Swedish but also Dutch organizations interested in strengthening their existing ties with Sweden and the Netherlands or expanding to a new market. We are very pleased to put you in contact with our member companies who can assist you in professional or personal growth and to introduce you to our extensive network.

In addition, the Junior Chamber Club for Young Professionals (JCC) has approximately 80 Members between the ages of 23 and 36 who are either studying or working in the Netherlands. The JCC offers the possibility to exchange knowledge about business in the Netherlands and to extend ones social network. Becoming a Member of JCC Young Professionals is an excellent choice for Business and Pleasure! 

Becoming a Member of the Chamber is an effective way of developing new business contacts, building networks, marketing your products and keeping up to date with Swedish - Dutch business news.

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