Embassy Staff

  • Per Holmström Photo Sören Andersson Regerinskansliet

    Ambassador Per Holmström Photo: Sören Andersson/Government Offices of Sweden

Staff at the Embassy of Sweden in The Hague:

Diplomatic Staff:

Per Holmström

Lisa Bjuggstam
Minister Counsellor
Political Affairs

Sara Keusen
EU Affairs and Trade Promotion

Åsa Thunström
First Secretary
Administration and Consular Affairs

Petter Lycke
First Secretary
Multilateral Affairs

Antoon Hertogs
Defence Attaché (based in Stockholm) 

Tomas Korseman
Trade Commissioner (Business Sweden)


Locally Employed Staff:

Helen Aronsson
Secretary to the Ambassador

Sandy de Heer
Secretary to the Ambassador (part time)

Jenny Lycke
Communication and Promotion Officer (temporary for Lisa Leistra)

Amanda Birgersson Thor
Consular Officer

Mehrnosh Rezaeian
Consular Officer (part time)

Boel Smit-Hackell
Receptionist and Consular Assistant

Tytte Zakrisson van Woerden

Ron van Hamersveld

Ferry Semati


Elisabeth Widgren Sandberg
Multilateral Affairs

Nils Brandsma
Bilateral Affairs (Political and EU Affairs, Trade Promotion)