Renewal of Passport for Children under 18

For child applicants under 18, who have previously held a Swedish passport, the below is required.

  • The child applicant must be accompanied by his/her legal guardians to the Embassy/Consulate General.  If only one of the child's legal guardians can accompany the child, a written consent from the other custodian must be submitted. Please use the form "Blankett vårdnadshavares medgivande" to the right.
  • The legal guardians must prove their identity by showing valid passport or other photo-id. If only one of the child's legal guardians accompanies the child, he/she must submit a copy of the other legal guardian's identification documents (valid passport or other photo-ID).
  • If legal custody has been granted to one parent or to another person, legal proof of guardianship must be submitted with the application.
  • The child's old passport.
  • Application fee for the passport which is the equivalent of SEK 1 400 in the local currency. Please note that the Embassy only accepts cash at the moment.

Unless otherwise stated above, all documents must be originals.