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How can I contact the passport section?
Embassy contact information and opening hours

Can I apply for/renew my passport/ID-card in Sweden?
Yes, you can – and it costs much less!
Normal processing time is a week and the fee for a 5 year passport is SEK 350.

You can apply for your passport/ID-card in Sweden and collect it at the Embassy in Tel Aviv provided that you have a valid passport for your journey back.

Should you wish to collect your new passport at the Embassy in Tel Aviv, there is an additional fee of SEK 150 payable to the office where you collect your new passport.

You will find more information on opening hours of the passport offices in Sweden and what documents are required on the Police authorities’ website:
Swedish police
However, there is only a few pages in English and if you do not speak Swedish, you can e-mail the Police for information on: 

Do I need to apply for/renew a passport in person?
Yes, you must always apply for/renew your passport in person. The passports issued now are biometric, i.e. taking photos, fingerprints and signatures are a part of the application process.

Where can I apply for/renew my passport?
The Embassy of Sweden in Tel Aviv and the Consulate General in Jerusalem.

When can I renew my passport?
You can renew you passport any time during it's validity and also once it has expired.

Can I just drop in to Embassy during opening hours to apply for/renew a passport/ID-card?
Yesm but please consult our opening hours for passport applications (Monday 13.30-15.30
Thursday 10.00-12.00 and 13.30-15.30) Please also note that at the Consulate General in Jerusalem you have to schedule an appointment.

Which documents do I need to bring in order to apply for/renew my passport/ID-card?
Application rules for passports and ID-cards are exactly the same. You will find a list of documents you need to bring on the relevant passport pages mentioned below.

Application for a Swedish passport - Adults

 Application for a Swedish passport - Children under 18

A child's first passport

How much will my passport/ID-card cost when I apply at the Embassy?
The fee for an ordinary passport/ID-card is SEK 1 400. The price is the same for adults and children.

The fee for an Emergency Passport is SEK 1 600. Fees for passports/ID cards might vary from time to time due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Please note that the Embassy only accepts cash.

Do I have to bring a photo?
No, We take biometric photos and fingerprints at the Embassy as part of the application process.

How long is the processing time for a new passport/ID-card?
The normal processing time is 4 weeks. There is no need to book an appointment to collect your passport but you must come when the passport section is open. Don't forget to bring your old passport when you collect your new one if  your old passport is still valid. Please note that the Embassy will only keep your passport for six months after we recieve it from Sweden which means that you have to collect it within 6 months after the application.

Why is the validity five years for a passport/ID-card?
The control feature of the digital photo stored in the chip has a recommended period of five years. A short validity and a continuous development of safety features protect the passports/ID-cards and makes it difficult to forge the documents.

Will I have to leave my passport at the Embassy while my new passport is being processed?
No, the Embassy does not keep your passport during the processing time. However, you must bring your old passport to the Embassy when you collect the new one, if the old pass port has not expired.

Will the Embassy notify me when the passport/ID-card is ready?
If you have given an e-mail address on your application form, an automatic message will be sent to you when the passport/ID-card is ready for collection at the Embassy.

If you do not have access to a computer and wants to know if you can come and collect your passport, you can call the Embassy during the passport section's opening hours.

Do I have to bring anything when I collect my new passport?
You must bring your old passport when you collect your new one.

Can someone else collect my passport/ID-card?
Everyone over the age of 18 must collect their own new passports/ID-cards.
Parents/Legal Guardians may collect passports/ID-cards for children under the age of 18. In such case, they must bring the child’s old passport for cancellation and their own passport or valid photo ID for identification purposes.

Do I have to make an appointment for collection of my new passport/ID-card?
No, but you must come when the passport section is open. Please check opening hours before you come. 

Why are there two labels on the reverse side of my passport?
The two labels are used to facilitate easy delivery of the passport from the producer to the police in Sweden. When you receive your passport, the labels are no longer of any use. However, do not remove them, as they might damage the cover of the passport if you try to take them off.

Can I travel on my Swedish National ID-card?
From 1 JulyYour National ID-card allows you to travel to and stay in the entire EU. Until 1 July 2015 your National ID-card allows you to travel to and stay in the Schengen area.

What validity must the passport have in order to be allowed to enter a Schengen country or any other country?
For information please contact the Embassy/Consulate of the country you want to visit.

My passport has been lost/stolen and I have to travel – what do I do?
If your Swedish passport has been lost/stolen you can apply for an emergency passport. An emergency  passport is issued for one single imminent journey only.

Before you travel you should check the following:

  • Does the country you are travelling to accept a Swedish emergency passport??

The fee for an emergency passport is SEK 1 600. The price is the same for adults and children.

If I find my lost passport/national ID-card and already have received a new one, which one is valid?
The new passport /ID-card is the valid one. The old one was cancelled at the same time you received your new passport/ID-card. You are obliged to submit the old passport/ID-card for cancellation.

How do I register my newborn child as a Swedish citizen and how do I apply for his/her passport?
Before applying for a passport, you have to obtain a Swedish ID-number, a so called ‘samordningsnummer’, for the child. You apply for a ‘samordningsnummer’ at the Embassy

Swedish ID-number and registration of name

For a child born abroad before 1 April 2015, to a Swedish father and a foreign mother, who are not married to each other, you first have to submit a Notification in order to obtain Swedish nationality for the child. 

Are there any special requirement if I travel with children?
You should always carry relevant documents showing your relationship with the child if you do not have the same surname.

If you are not the parent/guardian you must have a letter from the parent/guardian giving you permission to travel with the child. The letter should contain information on the child and the journey as well as information on who you are and contact details of parent/guardian. It might be a good idea to add passport copies.

How do I change my name in the passport/ID-card?
Passports/ID-cards are issued according to the information available in the Swedish Population Register. Therefore, you must change your name in the Population Register, before a new passport can be issued in your new name.

What is the "Certificate Attesting Israeli Citizenship"? Who needs to submit this certificate and where do I obtain it?

The law on Swedish citizenship changed on 1 July 2001 and now allows dual nationality. However, according to the previous law, a person automatically lost his/her Swedish citizenship, if he/she applied for and was granted another citizenship. Therefore, if you aquired Israeli citizenship automatically when moving through Israel (i.e. you did not apply for an Israeli citizenship), you need to submit a "Certificate Attesting Israeli Citizenship" when applying for a Swedish passport. This certificate will state how you aquired your Israeli citizenship. If it was acquired automatically you did not lose your Swedish citizenship. A passport application cannot be approved until the passport section has seen the certificate. The certificate can be obtained from the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

I will soon be 18 years of age and I have never lived in Sweden – do I need to do anything in order to keep my Swedish citizenship?
You must show proof of your connection to Sweden. Please call the pass port section at the Embassy  and they will send you the appropriate form.

Can I have dual nationality?
The law on Swedish citizenship changed on 1 July 2001 and now allows dual nationality. Before applying for another nationality, it is important that you find out whether the country you are applying to become a citizen of, also allows you to have dual nationality.

How can I become a Swedish citizen?
Matters of nationality are decided by the Swedish Migration Agency. You will find the rules for Swedish citizenship on their website:
Swedish Migration Agency