In case of emergency

The Embassy is responsible for assisting Swedes who suffer from crises or emergency situations abroad. The responsibility also includes foreign citizens who are residents of Sweden and Nordic and EU citizens whose countries lack representation in Israel. Finland carries the primary consular responsibility for Icelandic citizens in Israel.

The state's responsibility to assist Swedes in crises and emergency situations abroad is regulated in the Act on Consular Disaster Response, which entered into force 1 August 2010. The basic principle of the Act is that the individual carries a fundamental responsibility when abroad. The state is responsible for maintaining an organisation and a level of preparedness to support the individual in crises or emergency situations where many people are affected.

If the state intervenes, the individual must reimburse the state for the costs that arise in connection with evacuations, health care etc. The costs should be covered by a good insurance and it is important to have a valid travel insurance when going abroad.

More information and advice before travelling abroad can be found here.

Registering at the Embassy

Swedes and family members who are foreign citizens who live or plan to spend some time in Israel are welcome to register at the Embassy. The register of Swedes and their family members is used for emergency purposes and to spread information. To register is entirely voluntary. It is important to specify how long you plan to stay in Israel, so that you can be deleted from the register when you leave the country. Remember to inform the Embassy of any changes in contact information.

Swedes who live in Jerusalem, on the West Bank or in Gaza are welcome to register at the Consulate General in Jerusalem, which carries the consular responsibility for those geographical areas.

A form for registering at the Embassy can be found here.

The Embassy webpage

The Embassy webpage is an important instrument for communication with Swedes in Israel in case of an emergency. Remember to visit the webpage regularly to update yourself. In case of an emergency, the Embassy will post important information on the webpage, including information about contact persons, phone numbers etc.

It is also important to follow the news and instructions from local authorities.