About the Embassy

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Embassy represents Sweden and Swedish interests in Georgia through:

  • promoting political, economic and cultural contacts between Sweden and Georgia
  • promoting Georgia's European integration
  • Swedish development cooperation with Georgia
  • consular service for Swedish citizens

Schengen visas for Sweden are issued by the Embassy of Latvia in Tbilisi. Read more on > Visa for visiting Sweden

Issues related to residence and work permits are referred to the Embassy of Sweden in Kiev. Read more on > Applications for residence and work permits


Viktig information för svenska medborgare

Vid akut nödsituation utanför kontorstid kan svenska medborgare få kontaktinformation till jourhavande tjänsteman vid Utrikesdepartementet via ambassadens växelnummer +995 32 255 03 20