Embassy Staff

The staff at the Embassy of Sweden in Tbilisi includes the following persons:

Martina Quick

Eric Salmgren von Schantz 
First Secretary/Deputy Head of Mission

Molly Lien
Counsellor/Head of Development Cooperation

Helena Sancho
First Secretary (Development Cooperation)

Stefan Ljungstrand
Second Secretary/Head of Administration

Mats Ekholm
Counsellor/Regional Return Liaison Officer

Peter Lidén
Defence Attaché
(accredited from Kiev)

Khatuna Zaldastanishvili
Programme Officer (Development Cooperation)

Kakha Khimshiashvili
Programme Officer (Development Cooperation)

Tinatin Sikharulidze

Tina Genebashvili 
Programme Officer (Development Cooperation)

Tamar Datuashvili
Communication and Cultural Affairs Officer/Executive Assistant to the Ambassador

Inesa Mghebrishvili
Financial Officer

Salome Svanadze

Nugzar Makharashvili
Driver/Handyman/Administrative assistant

Irakli Beradze
Driver/Administrative assistant

Khatuna Tirkia