Conference "Immigration to the Nordic-Baltic Region: New Challenges for Nation States in the Age of Migration" on 31 March in Tallinn

  • rahvastik

    Rahvastik rändab. Photo: Norden

The fifth Nordic-Baltic migration conference is held this year under the title of ‘Immigration to the Nordic-Baltic Region: New Challenges for Nation States in the Age of Migration ‘ . The migration conference focuses on the new challenges created by the migration era for nation states, including issues concerning the traditional way of life, culture, well-being and also citizenship.

The Estonian Human Development Report, which this time focuses on Estonia during the migration era, is an important starting point in choosing the topics of the conference. The chief editor of the report, Professor Tiit Tammaru from the University of Tartu and the co-editor, Professor Raul Eamets of the University of Tartu have formulated the main objectives of the conference as follows: “Social scientists have been talking about the migration era for a long time. The migration crisis of 2015 propelled the subject of migration into people’s awareness and the media. Ageing Europe has been open to immigrants in recent decades, but the refugee crisis has made it obvious that migration and the associated problems have become too much. Concerns about nation states and the disappearance of habitual cultural and language environments have emerged and the openness, cooperation and integration capacity of European countries is being seriously tested. At this year’s conference we would like to discuss whether the debate related to new immigrants in Europe is a temporary period of reflection or a significant turn towards a new policy of closed doors and valuation of nation states.”

The four sessions of the conference include discussions of the refugee crisis, integration, media and the future of the nation state. There will be speakers from both Estonia and the Nordic countries. MEP Professor Marju Lauristin will talk about defining nation states during the migration era in the keynote speech of the conference.

The conference will be held as a result of the cooperation of the Nordic Council of Ministers, the University of Tartu, the Migration Institute of Finland and Nordic embassies.