The Ambassador

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    Anders Ljunggren. Photo: Kristian Pohl

Curriculum Vitae, Ambassador Anders Ljunggren

Anders Ljunggren, born in 1951, took office as ambassador for Sweden in Estonia in september 2013. He came to Tallinn from Reykjavik where he was ambassador for Sweden since 2009. Before that he served at the Embassy of Sweden in Helsinki/Helsingfors where he was minister and the ambassador's deputy for three years.

In the beginning of 1990ies Mr. Ljunggren was appointed for three years as State Secretary, responsible for Nordic Cooperation, for the Swedish Government. However, during the main part of his career he has worked in journalism, politics and as a government official outside the domain of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

During ten years in journalism Mr. Ljunggren worked as a reporter, as an editor in chief for the daily newspaper (Laholms Tidning) and as an initiator-promoter as well as  head of  the news agency Pre Cent.

At the turn of the century Mr. Ljunggren left all prior political engagements for the Centre Party in Sweden.

Mr. Ljunggren has also worked as a Political Adviser at the Ministry of Industry (1981-1982) and the Ministry of Finance (1995-1998). During the years 1998-2000 he held a position as secretary for a parliamentarian investigation on the future of democracy in Sweden. He has also held many positions as an investigator in committees appointed by the Swedish Government, many of them focussing on radio- and TV-matters.

During the years 2000-2006 Mr. Ljunggren worked as Secretary General for the Norden Association in Sweden. At that time he was also Director for several bilateral Nordic cultural funds. Until 2006 he was also chairman for The Swedish National Council of Adult Education.

Anders Ljunggren is married to Barbro Allardt Ljunggren, born in Finland, a linguist with a PhD in bilingualism research. They have three grown-up children: Mattias, Marita and Malin.