Swedish Language Proficiency Tests

TISUS and Swedex are standardized tests that measure proficiency in the Swedish language.


The Test in Swedish for University Studies (TISUS) is intended to establish eligibility for Swedish-language university studies. TISUS is used as a final test in many preparatory Swedish courses, but it is also open to others with previous knowledge of Swedish. TISUS includes reading comprehension, oral presentation and written composition.

The test is given twice a year in Sweden and abroad including Singapore. The test fee is 1,200 SEK in Sweden, and 2,000 SEK if the test is taken abroad. Test registration and payment is administered centrally in Sweden by the Department of Scandinavian Languages (Institutionen för nordiska språk) at Stockholm University.


Swedex is a new series of examinations that measure Swedish language competency for non-native speakers. An emphasis is placed on verbal communication and practical language application. ´Swedex is co-funded by the European Commission and co-organized by Folkuniversitetet and the Swedish Institute. 

NOTE: Swedex does not establish eligibility for Swedish-language university studies.