Swedish top chef in Singapore

  • Hakan

    Chef Håkan Thörnström Photo: 100gourmet.sg

Swedish top Chef Håkan Thörnström  from restaurant “Thörnström Kök” in Gothenburg (1 Michelin Star)is coming to Singapore to participate in the “100 dollar Gourmet”!

“100 dollar Gourmet” is Singapore’s ultimate dining program where everyone can experience the best of the culinary world. Every month, an award-winning overseas chef will pair up with two top Singapore-based restaurants to create a collaborative 6-course meal that will wow your taste buds at an amazing price of $100++.

On the 20-24th of April, Chef Håkan, together with Chef Carlos Montobbio, will be serving their fine food at restaurant “Esquina”. Both chefs have adapted their cuisines and styles accordingly to complement each other – tapas to Nordic and vice versa to create a uniquely Swedish Tapas menu.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit: HTTP://100GOURMET.SG/PORTFOLIO_PAGE/HAKAN-CARLOS-ESQUINA20-24-APR/