Frequently asked questions

Here you can find some of the most common questions asked by applicants. If you can't find the answers to your questions below, you can contact the Consulate´s migration section.

1. I will study at a master programme in Sweden for 18 months, how much money should I prepare for my stay in Sweden?
You must show that you have at least SEK 7974 per month that you will study in Sweden (SEK 79740 per year, since two semesters excluding holidays are 10 months in total). If your programme is 18 months, you should show that you have SEK 7974 SEK x 16 months = SEK 127584 .

2. My wife/husband/child is planning to accompany me to Sweden and stay with me while I am studying there. How should they apply and how much money should they prepare?
They should apply as co-applicants to students. They can apply at the same time as you, if you apply online on the website of the Migration Agency. If they don’t apply at the same time as you they should hand in their applications in paper form at the Consulate. Your wife/husband should show that she/he has at least SEK 3500 per month in Sweden, for a child there must be proof of at least SEK 2100 per month in Sweden.

3. Which bank should I use for the bank certificate? In which currency should the money be provided?
You can use any bank for your bank certificate. The money can be provided in any currency, preferably RMB, SEK, USD or Euro.

4. How do I pay the application fee?
If you apply online, you pay the application fee directly online with a VISA or Master Card. The Consulate accepts credit card payment or cash (Chinese currency).

5. Will my application be sent to the Migration Agency in Sweden?
Most applications will be sent to the Migration Agency and the decision will be made in Sweden, while most applications for exchange students will be made at the Consulate. We can only tell if we can make the decision at the Consulate or not after we have seen the application. This will not affect the process of your application.

6. Must I apply personally?
You must hand in your application in person at the Consulate. If you apply online on the Migration Agency's website, you must still come to the Consulate to identify yourself and leave your biometrics.

7. When can I get my residence permit?
When the application is complete a decision will normally be made in eight weeks, but it may take longer than that. If your application is granted and you already have been to the Consulate for the biometrics, it usually takes up to four weeks until you can come to the Consulate to collect your permit card.

8. Am I supposed to make an appointment with you before I come to the Consulate to apply?
No appointment is required if you want to submit an application. The opening hours for the Migration Section of the Consulate are:

Monday-Friday 09.00-11.00 a.m.
The Consulate is closed on some Swedish and Chinese public holidays. These will be published on the website of the Consulate.

9. What kind of documents do I need to prepare when I come to collect my residence permit?
You should bring your passport when you come to collect your residence permit card.  

10. Where can I get an application form? What kind of documents do I need to prepare when I apply?
You can download the forms from the Consulate´s website, the Migration Agency´s website:, or pick them up at the Consulate.

For information on what documents are needed see the specific information under Required documents to the left.

11. How many copies should I provide of each document?
If you apply online, you simply scan all documents while applying. If you apply on paper form you must provide the original documents, including one copy of the identity page of the passport and one completed and signed application form. You must then also provide one photo for your application.

12. Can I get my application fee back if my application is refused?
If your application is refused, the fee will not be refunded.

13. Is it possible to apply for a residence permit at the Norwegian Consulate in Guangzhou?
No. The Norwegian Consulate in Guangzhou only handles applications for short-term Schengen visas.

14. Can I visit other European countries using my residence permit card?
Yes, you can make trips to other countries within Schengen, but only for travelling purposes, not for the purpose of settling down.

15. Do I have to make an appointment for leaving biometrics at the Consulate?
No, you don’t need to make an appointment for leaving biometrics. You can visit the Consulate Monday-Friday 09.00-11.00. You only need to bring your passport when you come.

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