Trade with Sweden

If you are interested in doing trade with Sweden you are welcome to contact Business Sweden.

Export to Sweden

Are you planning to export to Sweden? Do you need information on trade rules and regulations? Contact Open Trade Gate Sweden - an informations centre for the Swedish and EU market. It's online and it cover areas such as labelling, packaging, health and sanitary requirements, customs procedures etc. Your guide is called "Open Trade Gate Sweden" (see link to the right).

Import from Sweden

Are you planning to import from Sweden? "Trade with Sweden" (link to the right) is your guide to Swedish export companies and their products.

Business Sweden

Business Sweden is a part of the Consulate General of Sweden, but is located at another address (see under "Facts" to the right on this page). They can put you in contact with Swedish exporters. Just send them an inquiry by fax or e-mail.

Business Sweden concentrates its activities to the provinces of east China; Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. They also work actively in Chengdu.

For more information about the staff of Business Sweden, click here.