Expedition Fees

The Consulate General charges the following expedition fees (subject to change):


  • Entry visa (stay in Schengen States not exceeding 90 days and national D-visa) 450 RMB. Children from the age of 6 years and below the age of 12 years 265 RMB. The fees are subject to change on the 1st of each month.
    Exemption for visa fee:
    – children under six years
    – students accompanying teachers travelling for study or educational purpose
    – researchers from third countries travelling for scientific research purpose

Residence and/or work permit:

  • To visit, study, co-applicants to employees/students etc.:
    – Adults 940 RMB
    – Children under 18 years old 470 RMB
  • On the grounds of family ties to a person residing in Sweden:
    – Adults 1415 RMB
     – Children under 18 years old 705 RMB
  • Work permit:
    – For employment and as self-employed 1885 RMB
    – For guest researchers and au pair 940 RMB

Swedish passports:

Please note that the fees mentioned below are in Swedish Crowns but you pay the equivalent in local currency (CNY).

  • Ordinary passport 1400 SEK
  • Emergency passport 1600 SEK
  • National ID-card 1400 SEK
  • Expedition fee for passport issued by another authority SEK 150


Notification of Swedish citizenship 175 SEK     

Driving licences:

Driving licence 400 SEK
- if the application has been made in Sweden 150 SEK       


Certificates, attestations and legalizations 120 SEK   

Please note that all payments have to be made in CNY.