The Request for Proposals (RFP) for GOLD-project are now published

Since 2008, Sida has been partnering with USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the are of economic development, on two major projects that aim at promoting the competitiveness of BiH Small and Medium Enterprises. The principal objective of both FARMA and FIRMA projects is to improve the capacity of the BiH economy to cope with competitive pressure. "Fostering Agriculture Markets Activity" - FARMA works with SMEs in agriculture sector, while "Fostering Interventions for Rapid Market Advancement" - FIRMA works in sectors of tourism, wood and metal processing.

As a continuation of cooperation between the two development agencies, and in line with the best practices of efficient donor assistance, Sida and USAID staff is working on design of the possible new development intervention, aiming at economic growth.
The long-term goal of the GOLD project is to expand economic opportunity for citizens in BiH. By intervening at the local level, the project will help municipal governments and businesses capitalize on the opportunities and economic potential of localities. The drivers of growth and jobs in BiH will be domestic and international/regional businesses capitalizing on and/or bringing economic opportunities to the local level. The purpose of GOLD is to increase the level of growth-oriented economic activity (EA) in BiH localities during the estimated five-year life of the project. The attainment of this purpose is expected to result in the following: (1) increased foreign direct investment and domestic investment; (2) jobs created and sustained; and (3) increased competitiveness of existing growth-oriented local industry, as measured through indicators such as upgrades to productivity, product quality, and long-term viability. More details on the expected results you can find in the attached log-frame table.
The above summary description is released for informational purposes only. This notice is not a formal solicitation or request for quotation or proposal. This public notice does not constitute an obligation or endorsement by USAID or Sida that any donor funding or support will be provided in connection with the initiatives described above. Any planned undertakings of USAID and Sida pursuant to GOLD are subject to internal approvals, the availability of funds of each respective donor and donor regulations, as well as further agreement between USAID and Sida.
The final Request for Proposals (RFP) for GOLD projects are published and can be found here!