Swedish Driver License

Under a bill before the Riksdag, new rules have come into force that will affect people who are permanently resident abroad and who wish to renew their Swedish driving licence.

If you have a Swedish driving licence and live abroad, you can use your Swedish licence for as long as it is valid. Beyond this date, the licence must be renewed. If you are permanently resident in a country within the EEA, you can exchange your driving licence for a licence issued by the competent authorities in the country of your residency. The rule changes mean that if you are permanent resident in a country outside the EEA, you can no longer renew your Swedish driving licenceinstead the driving licence rules of the country where you are a permanent resident will apply.

The new rules will apply as of 1 May 2017. Until then the current rules apply.

Find out more about how to renew your driving licence on the Swedish Transport Agency website.